PACT Datasets and Evaluation

Our mission is to aggregate datasets and provide an evaluation platform in support of the PACT mission statement.

Data Collection

This page contains the latest information on how to contribute to data collection.

Participation Instructions

MITLL is asking for members of the Bluetooth Too Close for Too Long (TC4TL) research community to contribute to a distributed data set collection effort. You will be provided with an app to send and record Bluetooth chirps and a test protocol to follow to help fill in data collected under conditions known to adversely affect Bluetooth RSSI values (e.g. hand, pocket, sitting, standing, etc.). You can do this collection at home and it should only be done using household members who are co-isolating. You will need two iPhones to participate (one to transmit and one to receive chirps) and you will need to supply two emails so we can provide access to the app on each phone via Apple TestFlight.

The test protocols and a matrix of the desired collection conditions can be found here:

Please fill out the form below and we will contact you with details on how to proceed.

Participation Form

Note: Please use a different from the first